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I am glad to welcome you at our nursery!
Our nursery registered not so long ago, although the foundation it was laid much earlier and experience accumulated by many years.
Cattery Name, meaning "Angels with pure soul," too is not by chance: and how their, our favourites, you can even associate?
We now have the perfect live species English Bulldog, Yorkies and Russian toy-TERRIERS.
All of these rocks created man to man and our site will be dedicated to a species.
All our dogs live in urban flats and are full members of our family. They all have excellent nervous system do not have confidence to outsiders, get along with each other and get on with their children.
We really love our pets and first of all, we want every of them found a loving and responsible owner.
You can always count on our help, tips and advice.
Authentic and well-groomed dog is beautiful and Nice ... Home and challenge us breeders – see their puppies healthy, well cared for, loved and bring happiness into your home.

                        With respect, Elena.                                                                                                                                  

         The certificate on registration of factory nursery 17-09-02-09     


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