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About breed the English Bulldog.

The native land and occurrence time: Great Britain, a XIX-th century; growth of 30,5-36 sm, weight of 23-25 kg

It is a little about breed 

The English bulldog is the temperamental, courageous dog very loving children. It the fine watchman, is scared away excessively, easily endures a pain. The majority of the best representatives of "Englishmen" are good-natured and do not pay attention to other dogs, even when those provoke quarrel. Sometimes they allow other dog to pull out themselves and even wag thus with a tail, but it not cowardice, as it can seem to people badly understanding psychology of dogs to tame it extremely difficultly; he can strangle literally any large dog, without paying attention stings, to shouts of the owner. Having bought an English bulldog, you incur responsibility for it throughout all his life! The correct maintenance of "Englishman" begins that at all do not contain it in an open-air cage in a garden! An English bulldog – the dog who is a being with advanced norms of social behaviour, should live necessarily in the house or apartment, in the flights. The intelligence of an English bulldog at correct education develops to level 10 – 12 summer persons, the Bulldog which is doomed to vegetate and grow dull slowly but surely in an open-air cage, in the majority rather aggressively reacts to all unusual. An English bulldog – a dog unique! If you do not regret time for its education receive so pleasant companion that your heart will be for ever given it!

The GENERAL VIEW the English bulldog is a sleek-haired, thickset, low dog of compact, athletic addition. The head massive, rather large in comparison with the case, however, proportional to it that does its harmonious, instead of ugly, does not complicate movements and breath. A muzzle at an English bulldog short, wide, stupid and hitched up. The case short, thick. Finitenesses strong and relief, it is good омускуленые. Back finitenesses above lobbies, but not such massive. Female concede to dogs in massiveness of addition.
BEHAVIOUR And CHARACTER the Dog makes impression of force and activity. On character opened, courageous, true and mobile, affable by nature, despite frightening appearance.

The SKULL Perimeter of a skull measured before ears, is approximately equal to growth of a dog. At a sight in front the head should be high, beginning from a corner of lips of the bottom jaw to a skull dome. Besides, the head should be wide and square. Cheekbones round, filled under eyes. At a sight sideways a head high and short from an occipital hillock to a nose tip. A forehead flat. A skin on a forehead and a head in thick folds. A forehead not roundish and not convex towards a muzzle. Frontal bones acting, wide, square and high. A frontal furrow, deep and wide, being, a stop element, passes from the middle of a skull to the nose basis.
MUZZLE the Muzzle from malar bones to a nose short, a skin pleated. A nose back short, wide and hitched up. A muzzle very deep beginning from corners of eyes to a corner of lips. A nose and nostril lobe big and very wide, colour black. Colour of a lobe of a nose not should be darkly - or red-brown. The tip of a lobe of a nose should be at level of eyes. The distance from an internal corner of an eye (or from the stop centre between eyes) to a tip of a lobe of a nose does not exceed distance between a tip of a lobe of a nose to a lower lip. Nostrils large and wide, with well expressed vertical furrow between them. Брыли thick and wide, low hanging, completely closing not only from sides, but also in front where incorporate to a lower lip, and a teeth should close the bottom jaw. Jaws wide, square and massive. The bottom jaw is considerably pushed forward and inflexed. At a sight in front the muzzle should be symmetric rather сагиттальной axes.
EYES At a sight in front of an eye are located rather low on a skull. Nadbrovnye arches are on one straight line, a perpendicular frontal furrow. Eyes are put widely, however do not leave for contours of cheekbones. The form roundish, the average size. Eyes neither deeply sitting, nor convex. Colour of eyes should be as more as possible dark, almost black. At the sight directed forward at a dog fiber of an eyeball should not be swept up.
EARS Are planted highly. The upper edge of ears at a sight in front should be entered in a contour of all skull. In relation to eyes ears should settle down as it is possible more widely and above. Ears small and thin. The correct form of an ear - type "rose", that is an ear should be curtailed inside and put back, thus the internal part of an ear partially looks outside.
JAWS Wide and square. Cutters, number six, rather small. Are located in one number. Canines are widely placed. A teeth strong and large, at the closed mouth should not be visible. At a sight in front the bottom jaw should be parallel to the top.
NECK of Average length. Very thick, powerful and strong. Under the form bow-shaped, with skin folds. In the bottom part from a throat to a breast .

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