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History of breed a pug

The secret of love to pugs consists that they do not leave the owners for a minute. The native from the East, its unique problem throughout three thousand years was to accompany the person and to please it.

Pug — ancient Chinese breed. In early Chinese manuscripts square, low dogs with a short muzzle »are mentioned« . In China there were dogs of "Ha of the Pas» and "Lo Tsze". Two these versions were very similar and differed only with length of a wool. «Ha of the Pas» were длинношестными. Possibly "Lo Tsze" were ancestors of pugs , they resembled Pekineses, but possessed a short wool.

Pugs were dogs of the nobility and lived in rich houses.  In those days pugs yet did not have so deep wrinkles, but accurate drawing of folds on a forehead was shown and was similar to hieroglyphs. For this reason wrinkles on a forehead of a pug named an imperial sign.

Pug 400 years ago having got to Europe together with the Dutch seamen quickly became the favourite of kings and commoners. In голландии a pug named Chinese мастифом.

The pug has rescued Wilhelm of the Quietest, the king of Holland, during war with Spain. A scratching and bark it has woken the king while the sleeping camp was attacked by the opponent. For this act the pug became an official dog of the house Oransky for all XVI century. In XVI century pugs quickly became popular, especially at ladies from high society. Was considered as a good form sign to have in the house a dog of this breed.

Pugs have gained the greatest distribution in Europe during Napoleon's epoch because his wife Josephine was not separated from a favourite pug, Fate. During an epoch "rococo" in England and France (first half of XVIII-th century) the pug became the integral accessory of each fashionable lady. And during an epoch «бидемайер» — a narrow-mindedness symbol.

Pugs became more often than other dogs objects of attention of painters and sculptors. Their images meet both in painting and in lithograph, and also on engravings, gobelins, porcelain, bronze, clay.

The pug — breed young, for our country, its history only begins.

Pugs in our country have appeared in the early eighties. It were brought of GDR Aron ф. A sofa and Nineta ф. Эльбфлоренц from which the first dung, from six dogs and one суки — Gabriely ф has been received   . A sofa. A bit later Atun ф have been brought from GDR. Кюхентойфель and from England Barbel. The  history of cultivation of pugs also has begun With these dogs in the USSR.

Then in the late eighties from Poland Hagab Istamnoslekit, by Biba from Orchids, the Tsarina, Tutsi Hondius, Kari of odes of Bonzi have been delivered  . In 1989 from Hagaba Istamnoslekit and Kari of odes of Bonzi there was получем a magnificent dog Martin who has become by one of the best manufacturers of Russia.

In our country each fan of pugs can incur the further continuation of history  . The fan who loves breed and animals as a whole.

The standard of breed a pug

General view

Pug — square and thickset, so to say «much in small» — expressed in the compact form, good proportions and well developed muscles.


Very charming, noble and intelligent.


Counterbalanced, cheerful, live and cheerful.


Large, round, but not «яблокоподобная», without dredging on a skull. A muzzle - short, stupid, square, not hitched up. Wrinkles are obviously designated.


Dark, very large, round under the form, with the  expression gentle, mild and full of desires, very shining and full of fire when it is raised.


Thin, small, soft, as «a black velvet». Two versions — «розочки» — the small ears combined over a head, are taken away back so that the internal part is opened. "Buttons" — the ears put forward, are densely pressed by edges to a skull, close internal apertures. The last are preferred.


Small перекус. The warped (curve) mouth, a seen teeth and put out language are extremely undesirable. A foreteeth (cutters) of a wide bottom jaw always on a straight line.


It is slightly bent, has similarity to a crest, strong, thick, sufficient length to bear a head it is proud.

Forward finitenesses

Feet very strong, direct, the moderate length, mutually parallel. Are adequately substituted under the case (are «well under a dog»). Shoulders are well inclined.


Short, thickset with a broad chest and well convex edges. A line of top a straight line, never curved (bent) and not inclined (cut).

Back finitenesses

Feet very strong, moderate length, with well expressed corners, direct and mutually parallel at survey behind.


Not such long, as at a hare, and not such round, as at a cat. Fingers are well divided, claws black.


It is highly planted, twirled so hardly as soon as probably, it is pressed to a back. The double curl is more desirable.

Movements. At a sight in front forward finitenesses rise and fall , being strictly under a shoulder. Paws are directed directly, not developed neither inside, nor outside. At a sight behind the picture is similar. Forward finitenesses move with a good, strong wave. Back finitenesses move freely, with good mobility in knee joints. For gait easy rolled movements of a back part are characteristic.


Thin, smooth, gentle, short and shining (never rigid and fluffy).


Silvery, apricot, pale-yellow and black. Each of these colours should be distinctly expressed, that there was an obvious contrast between the core окрасом and a mask. Marks should be allocated distinctly: the muzzle or a mask, ears, warts on cheekbones, a stain on a forehead in the form of a rhombus or a fingerprint and a dark line on a ridge should be as it is possible is more black.

The size

Ideal weight 6,3-8,1кг.


Any deviations from mentioned above points should be regarded as lacks, and gravity from which they should be taken into consideration, should be in strict conformity with deviation degree.

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